Craft Beer is our Passion

Our Craft Beer Selection is Amazing!

We consider ourselves very lucky to live in, what we consider to be, the heart of the craft beer scene. Vermont has some of the best breweries in the world! We are happy to offer one of the best selections of VT craft beer available in the entire state as well as countless other rare finds from around the world!

Staff Pick of the Month!

Upper Pass Beer Company


6.8% ABV

Enchanter is a rich and decadent stout brewed with a hefty dose of liquid cacao and raspberry. We used a mountain of flaked oats and barley to impart a smooth and creamy mouthfeel which is further exaggerated thanks to several liquid gallons of chocolate. Imagine a raspberry chocolate mousse cake in beer form.

Hey Homebrewers!

Did you know that we carry a full array of Brewing Supplies?

From brewers’ yeast, hops, and grains to bottles, carboys, and corks, we have all your home brewing needs covered!